UPDATE – Peak Fintech Group, Inc. (PKK): Our Response to The CEO’s Q&A with “StockFam”

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On October 4, 2021, we published a report on Peak Fintech Group, Inc (“PKK”), revealing major issues with their acquisitions in China and various other aspects of the company. PKK since issued several press releases including a Q&A between CEO, Johnson Joseph (“JJ”), and investing discussion platform, StockFam (“SF”).

We credit PKK’s Q&A response with being cleverly structured but believe any clarity the rebuttal has provided investors is undue and deserves greater scrutiny. In this report, we walk through how the Q&A validates several of our claims and evinces PKK’s proclivity to obscure critical disclosures. We have shared our incremental findings with the NASDAQ, CSE, and PKK’s auditor and emphasize our willingness to debate our findings with the CEO Joseph on BNN Bloomberg.



View Full Report (PDF)

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