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Seven Reasons Why Deloitte CANNOT Sign GSX Annual Audit

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In February 2020 we published our first critical report about GSX. Today, over year has passed, and many investors have come to see GSX for what it is. Many excellent reports were published over the last year by multiple reputable sources, making GSX the probably most exposed fraud in recent history. Unfortunately, regulators and auditors seem still reluctant to do the right thing. We strongly believe that it is within the auditors and regulators responsibility to ultimately remove GSX from a US stock exchange; In this report we focus on the issues that are within the scope and responsibility of the auditor to investigate. We also strongly believe that failure to investigate these issues will have serious consequences for GSX’s auditor Deloitte.

We also shares our thoughts on the recent trading environment, and GSX’s role at the center of systematic issues in today’s capital markets.

View Full Report (PDF)

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