ALPP: A Failed Holding Company Propelled by the Wings of Defunct Drone Company



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  • Alpine 4 Technologies began as a blank check company; its recent claim to fame circles around the prospect of flying high alongside the hyped drone industry
  • ALPP’s stock has skyrocketed on glorious claims combined with a record setting press release machine (>35 PRs in three months) plus promotional activity on social media.
  • ALPP’s management are in our opinion highly questionable. We believe its CEO is a serial stock promoter that has often misled shareholders. It’s Sales VP was charged with health care fraud and at one time faced up to ten years in prison
  • Together, this “promotional dream team” kicked off the proverbial pump campaign by acquiring Impossible Aerospace Corp (“Impossible”) in Nov 2020
  • We uncovered that Impossible has no production facility (even though one was advertised in the acquisition) – our pictures are truly worth 1000 words; the business is virtually non-existent with no verifiable tangible assets
  • Impossible appears completely defunct as even our on the ground investigators could not prove its existence and that neighboring companies had not seen activity in months – this is corroborated by our work which suggests that all its employees fled the company before ALPP acquired it
  • Despite being virtually defunct, ALPP paid $6 million for Impossible and perhaps for good reason as it sent its stock flying 240x.
  • ALPP quickly recognized the benefit of their new found claim to fame through drones and doubled down through the acquisition of another drone company, Vayu Inc. (“Vayu”)
  • Vayu appears no better than Impossible as it the acquisition seems to be merely a shell that was formerly a nonprofit (which received grants). In other words, the likelihood of profits and success seem to us nearly “impossible”, especially as the entity sports limited full time employees and has had no real progress in years
  • Our review of the combined technology, patents leads us to conclude that ALPP is nothing but a scam to enrich insiders at the cost of public investors
  • ALPP has tried its hand at acquisitions for over half a decade and still has in our opinion nothing to show for it, other than overpromises made to shareholders
  • ALPP’s last acquisition before its pivot to drones ended up missing targets by 95% despite wild promises, we believe Impossible and Vayu will end the same way; Come judgement day, ALPP will go back to where it came from, penny stock land





Read the Full Report Here

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  1. DFV
    March 11, 2021 - 12:46 am

    We like the stock.


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